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Am I strong enough?

(1) Name: Roxanne
(2) Age: 15
(3) Sexual Prefrence: Straight
(4) Location: Essex, England
(5) Favorite band/singer: There's so manyyy! But, I guess I'll go w/ Christina Aguilera for now. She has such a powerful voice.
(7) Pick a quote, explain why you picked it: "Going out with a boy is a lot like make up. First you start with the foundation, which is getting to know them. Then you add the blusher, which is when you find the spark you have with him... etc." - My best friend told me this once & it made so much sense to me at the time when I was worried about being with some boy.
(8) If you had one wish, what would it be and why?: I wish people wouldn't judge other people on physical appearances straight away, but I know we all do it at some point, it's natural. But you should really take the time to get to know a person :)
(9) What are your goals in life? To have a good job, a nice house, maybe marriage & just be successful in whatever I chose to do
(10) What makes you a "fighter"? Well I moved to a different area where everyone's like, "oh, she's the London girl" & I've just tried to fight against their stereotypes of what a London girl is. There's more to me than a common accent lol
(11) Who did you promote this community to? I'm not in any other communities at the moment - sorry if this violates the rules :(
(12) Why should you be accepted? Because I want to find new communities to participate in & be an active member.

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