Well I'll choose the life I've taken (miamiblondie) wrote in sexy_fighters,
Well I'll choose the life I've taken

"Am I strong enough?"

(1) Name:Leah
(2) Age:15
(3) Sexual Prefrence: Straghit
(4) Location: Miami, FL
(5) Favorite band/singer: My Chemical Romance
(7) Pick a quote, explain why you picked it: Don't ever under estimate a blonde, a choose this quote or better yet this saying because many people believe that all blondes are dumb and good for one thing. Which is all BS! I'm proud to say I'm blonde and I know I have a future thats lies ahead of me
(8) If you had one wish, what would it be and why?: If I had one wish it would be to travel the world. Why? 2 watch how other people live, their customs. Its amazing to share thoughts and ideas with people who are totally diffrent then you!
(9) What are your goals in life? My goals are 2 study, become a journalist and report the world and wirte books!
(10) What makes you a "fighter"? What makes me a figther is just the way I am. I have a strong character and I fight 4 what I want. I get what i want when I want it. I always have a postive attudie towards everything I do.
(11) Who did you promote this community to? dreamcatchers88
(12) Why should you be accepted? I'm Cute and I'm blonde and I dam right got it goin on!

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